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Happy Holidays from Karen Davis

As 2013 comes to a close, I would like to devote my usual column to say a very sincere thanks, thanks to everyone in our community and thanks to my company, The Mortgage House, for which I’ve worked for nearly 17 years. With all the changes in the economy and the lending world, I feel blessed to have such an alliance, such a partnership where everyone is like family. We have had a great year of assisting homeowners realize the American dream of homeownership, with many programs, but especially those that assist our local Heroes with terrific money-saving programs supported through

Also close to my heart is our reverse mortgage program that continues to help seniors who wish to remain in their homes with safe, insured reverse loans. We are known for the diversity of our programs, FHA, VA, Conventional and Jumbo, and were pleased to even add a new expanded Jumbo program this year.

I am so grateful for being able to work with a company that is unique, staying ready and alert, for all of our customers, past and future and for the wonderful community in which we are able to live and work.
The Mortgage House, Inc., is growing every day, however we will always be your community lender, where you are welcome to drop by and just have a chat. I’ll conclude with a wish that you all have a beautiful holiday, filled with friends and family and good fortune.

Karen Davis NMLS #245892 is regional vice president of The Mortgage House, Inc. She has over 36 years’ experience in the mortgage banking industry. Your e-mailed questions are welcomed through her website at:  or call her at 1-800-305-9731. This article is a forum to explore real estate principles. It is not intended to provide tax, legal, insurance or investment advice and should not be relied upon for any of these purposes.