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Top Five New Payroll Technologies

Payroll management is more flexible and efficient through web-based solutions that offer greater integration and accessibility. Most of these new paperless payroll solutions are tablet and smart phone optimized allowing for unlimited access. So, whether you are on a beach or in a boardroom, you can input data and generate real time reports with a few swipes. Below are five new competitive enablers that will help your business reduce payroll processing time, and realize significant cost savings.


  1. Online Payroll Processing: Payroll is no longer limited to one computer. With web based solutions, time submissions can be reviewed from anywhere. Businesses can simplify the process even more by utilizing a payroll processing company. Real time data can be sent to the processor, and businesses can even preview payroll before it actually runs, eliminating errors. Some web based solutions also allow GL payroll files to import directly into Quickbooks software.
  2. Employee Self Service: Self service portals empower employees to perform many of the “housekeeping” tasks that bog down payroll departments. Employees can update items like W-2’s, direct deposit, and benefits quickly and easily. Their digital paystubs and tax information can be emailed or accessed through a tablet or smart phone. So, whether your employee is applying for a loan or doing taxes, their real time information is always accessible.
  3. Manager Self Service: Managers can now perform their own HR duties. A common scenario might require a manager to solve an employee’s dispute over hours worked. Instead of waiting for the payroll department to send the necessary data, a manager can now pull up real time data. This accessibility empowers managers to proactively address concerns, and reduces the call workload on the payroll department.
  4. Report Self Service: Company bookkeepers and accountants can access data from any computer, any browser, anywhere. Employees with approved web access can generate and email custom reports, eliminating lengthy “downstream” information flows and reams of printed paper.
  5. Web Based Time Clocks: Web based time clocks track employee attendance. These electronic time clocks are plug and play, requiring little setup and no software. The headaches of collecting time cards and adding hours are eliminated because employee punches are automatically sent to a secure database. For companies with more than one location, multiple clocks can be connected to the same network, and employees can clock into one location and out of another.


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