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Security Trends

As we watch 2013 unfold before our eyes, there are a few products and ideas growing in popularity among the Safety and Security sector that are worth explaining because no one likes being out of the loop or caught with gadgets that are “so 2012.” Here’s a couple of security trends you might want to keep an extra eye on.

Go, go, gadget MOBILE! Technological advances are moving at warp speed, and so too are your options in managing your security system. You now have the option to control your security system from your mobile device. With the Total Connect application, you can switch your system on and off, turn on and off lights on the premise, adjust the thermostat and receive event notifications of an alarm signal. For information on SDA’s current mobile security promotion, go to

Now you see me, now you don’t: Video. Video is having a moment right now, and its best if we just sit back and let the HD video reel. Enhanced camera megapixels are allowing for a detailed HD zoom in captured footage, helping business owners and authorities to better pinpoint what occurred and who was responsible. Even more remarkable are the Video Verification video systems beginning to reach consumers. When an alarm is tripped on a video verified system, a video clip of the event is sent via email or text to the business owner and the Central Station of the alarm provider. This way, an alarm can be ‘video verified’ before dispatching the police, reducing false alarms and the hefty fees that come with them. To learn more about your video surveillance options with SDA, visit

Watch what you heat: Fire. Southern California is especially susceptible to fires and is afflicted with an average of 5,900 wildfires each year according to the United States Fire Association. More than ever, business owners are not willing to take that risk and opt to have their building monitored for fire protection in replacement for the $1.99 batter-operated smoke detectors. Yet, devices like SDA Security’s Wi-Fire Wireless Fire Protection System keeps this option affordable by utilizing wireless internet to transmit the fire system signals rather than requiring a dedicated $30+ monthly phone line. This system typically pays for itself within 9 months. For information on SDA’s Wi-Fire system, click