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Sound and Vibration Detectors Can Protect Your Assets

Whoever said security can’t be creative obviously never joined the 21st century. Asset protection has been an element of security systems since the early Mission Impossible days; however, there is more than priceless 20K diamonds that you can keep an extra eye on without spending quite as many extra bucks as in years past.

Now, SDA Security can install sound and vibration detectors surrounding your ‘object of value,’ which attach directly to the walls, floor and ceiling to keep an extra guard on specific segments of your business, office or supply room. This will ease your peace of mind on the rare occasion that you are out on vacation by ensuring your safe hasn’t been opened without your permission.

How does this work? An additional device surrounds the area with an electrostatic field that senses the approach of an intruder. If someone dares to cross this electrostatic field to open your safe/ display case, move that $1 million Basquiat painting in the lobby, or perhaps sneak a drink from your ‘secret’ liquor cabinet, you will immediately be sent a message upon intrusion, informing you of the situation. Other asset protection devices are discretely hidden on the valuable object itself, and detects if and when an object has been moved using technology similar to that in your cellphone or Wii console; when the orientation of the object is altered, it sends out an alarm signal. Either way, unless the thief moves at the speed of sound, chances are authorities will already be waiting for the perps before they reach the exit.

Some interesting assets SDA helps to protect are:
• Safes
• Paintings or Sculptures
• Supply Closets
• Liquor Cabinets
• Expensive I.T. Equipment (computers, printers, video cameras)
• Medical Equipment
• Tools for Construction Companies
• Walk-in Coolers or Freezers
• PA Equipment or Musical Instruments (like in a Church)

However, this is just a small sample. If you have something a little ‘outside of the box’ that you want a little extra security for, don’t worry; we love a challenge. If you want to learn more, or get a quote, please visit .