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Did you Know: Your Security System Can Act As A Business Management Tool?

SDA Security primarily protects businesses, spanning all across Southern California. Whether you’re a small dry cleaners in Corona or the Chamber of Commerce of Temecula, SDA can create a security system tailored for your specific needs. However, many of our customers do not utilize SDA for all that we offer. We provide a host of services that can specifically be used as business management tools for business owners, saving time, money and some of the headache that comes with running a company.

Late To Close – If our around-the-clock Central Station operators notice that your business, daily set to lock up shop at 8pm, is still open and unarmed at 8:25pm, they will call the business owner to ask the status of the building and if this was left open by mistake. There have been times when our CS operators call to check up on a business, only to find that the business indeed should have been closed and an employee is sneaking around the premise without permission. For a small fee, our CS can even remotely lock and arm the security system to eliminate the hassle of the business owner returning to the office.

Smartphone = Smart Security – The only thing in life you can never buy more of is time; which makes saving time a necessary skill for busy CEOs and business owners. By opting into security offerings like SDA’s RockI.T. Smart Security On-The-Go (visit for details), you can access, enable and monitor your security system from your mobile device, laptop, iPad/tablet, insert high-tech device here. Working from home no longer needs to come with a paired anxiety and constant internal question “I wonder how things are going in the office?” You have the ability to tap into a live feed on your business’s surveillance cameras throughout the day to muffle the distracting fears that often come with the “relaxing day at home.”

Access Controlled – Through an electronic access control system each employee is provided with a specialized keycard that grants them access to your building. However, you have the ability to program where certain employees are allowed to enter, and which sections of your building are off limits. Do you want the kitchen and food storage areas of your restaurant to be inaccessible to employees after business hours to ensure employee theft is not an issue? Wish granted.