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What is Live Scan?

Live Scan is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically in order to obtain a criminal background history. The procedure is relatively quick – approximately 10 minutes, and results (assuming there are no hiccups with either print quality or criminal record) are returned to the requesting agency within 72 hours. I have known some of my clients to get the results back the next day – but this is contingent on the CA Department of Justice (DOJ).

There are two facets to a typical Live Scan. The first is the California DOJ review. Second is the Federal FBI review. I encourage nonprofits, churches and the like, which are only required to process CA DOJ records, to consider adding the FBI record search. DOJ will ONLY show criminal history within the state of California. Adding FBI will add additional expense to the search, but the review is far more thorough.

The process to become a Requesting Agency for Live Scan – so your organization, business or nonprofit agency can receive these records – is done through the state and takes some time. Live Mobile Solutions can lead you in the right direction.

Live Mobile Solutions also offers a unique service to the area – FBI Channeling – a process of requesting a National record review. Standard Live Scan Record Reviews will show solely CA DOJ records. I have worked with many organizations to provide them with FBI records so they have the most comprehensive backgrounds of the people they will be working with.

I encourage any organizations that work with children, the elderly, or valuables – if they don’t already, and many are required by law to do so – to begin the process of becoming a Requesting Agency. You would be protecting those you serve, as well as the good name of your agency. Anyone obtaining a license in the state of CA (Real Estate, Nursing, Pharmacy Technician, I could go on and on) also requires a Live Scan.

For assistance with Live Scan services, contact Adria Poindexter at 951-265-1815 with any questions. Allow a Live Scan professional to assist you.