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Why Partnering with a Local Company is Smart Business

SDA Security is one of (if not THE) leading locally owned and operated safety and security provider in all of Southern California. And there’s a good reason for this.

Customers recognize the importance of going with a local company. You will be partners with a company you can trust, whom you can meet and greet with, and personally get to know the individuals working to keep you safe.

Many large national security companies outsource their call centers and technicians. This means that when you call in to ABC Security, you will receive a different individual each time you are transferred to “their” Central Station. This also means you will have a different technician arrive at your business when something needs to be repaired. Imagine all of the time wasted when a new individual is introduced to the specific problems or issues you may have with your ABC security system.
In contrast, when working with local companies, their employees often become familiar voices because your call is always directed to the same location, probably only a couple blocks from your business. Even further, local companies tend to have low turnover rates, allowing good rapport to build between customers and the local company. For example, when calling for SDA’s Central Station, many of our customers ask for our operators by name because our employees have built a long-lasting relationship over the years; our Central Station Manager has been with SDA for over 12 years! The same however, cannot be said for national companies like ABC Security.

By selecting a security company that is local, you are protected by a company that is locally based and run by employees who are familiar with your location. They will have a better relationship with local law enforcement, which is essential when dispatching authorities during times of emergency. Technicians will know the lay of the land and arrive to your business faster and better prepared. And a local monitoring center will also be aware of any small-scale natural disasters or emergencies in your area, like Southern California’s large blackout in 2011.

And lastly, further reasons to think local when choosing your security company is to keep tax dollars in your city and help your local businesses thrive. For example, by partnering with SDA Security, you are in turn aiding our efforts to help local charities and support our employees who live in the area and probably eat at your restaurant, shop at your store and/or use your bank etc. Selecting a local security company to protect your premise is not just doing smart business, but building a partnership that benefits all parties involved.