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IT Support Should Not Be Like Having a “Bad Date”

Is working with your IT support… Like a BAD DATE?

• Not returning calls fast enough…
• Constantly missing deadlines…
• Not fixing things right the first time…

IT support is critical, yet many businesses simply don’t know what to expect from their IT support. They’re waiting for their IT systems to break so they can call for a fix. This is all they know, it’s like waiting by the phone, waiting for the “Bad Date” to call.

A better way is through a reputable IT provider with a managed services agreement, where diagnostics are run proactively, finding and repairing issues before they become problems. This creates a stable IT environment for your business to rely on!

Yet, is your current IT support up to the task? Take this simple quiz to find out.
Do they…

• answer their phone LIVE, responding to emergencies within an hour?
• make themselves available and responsive even for non-emergencies?
• proactively monitor, patch and update computer network’s critical security settings daily? Weekly? At all? Do you know for sure?
• proactively monitor every computer and device 24/7/365 to spot (and fix) developing problems?
• proactively offer new ways to improve network performance?
• have full transparency, provide detailed invoices, and clearly explain what you are paying for?
• guarantee their services in writing?
• explain what they are doing? Answer questions in understandable terms and listen to you?
• demonstrate competency? (Are they learning on your time and dime?)
• back up your network, test the backups, report on each backup, and have a disaster recovery plan in place?
• regularly meet to review your business plans, network status and their performance supporting your company?
• provide frequent updates, status reports, follow-up calls and e-mails?
• consistently complete projects on time and on budget?
If your technician does not score “yes” on every point, you could be paying for substandard support. If you have questions or doubts, please seek a reputable IT provider, because everyone deserves a “GOOD DATE”.

Jarom Renfeldt is the founder and President of JR-Tech, an IT services leader, serving businesses in the Inland Empire for over 10 years.

Jarom has written the book, ‘Business IT 101: the business owner’s guide for finding hassle-free computer support’ educating business owners to leverage technology for competitive advantage and growth of their business. Contact Jarom at  or (951) 319-4040