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About That “Low Priced” Equipment Over There…

by Matt Gordon

Every business of every size is focused on cost-savings, and making the most out of their every dollar. More so in these post-recession times, than at any other time I can recall. So, the attraction of the low cost all-in-one office machine purchased from the warehouse store, ordered off the internet, or from an online flea-market “list” (typically used) is understandable, but it’s a false economy.

Considering the equipment needed for your business is the main link between you and your customer (faxing, scanning, printing quotes and ultimately invoicing) and vital in the process of doing your business and generating/collecting revenue, it’s an important consideration. And with price-points ranging from “about a hundred” to “a few hundred” dollars, warehouse units can seem a far cry pricewise from seemingly similar capability and sized units offered by the specialized supplier which at first blush may appear to cost significantly more.

But is the cheaper one really cheaper? When you select a commercial grade unit from a specialized company whose core business is providing, and supporting equipment and technology to businesses just like yours you’ll realize benefits you don’t get elsewhere.

From a team who comes to your location to set-up, install, network, and test your new equipment (so you don’t have to) through providing on-going service, supplies, and parts; this experience is a completely different one. Details that save time, frustration, and costly interruptions common to the “low priced” units.

Another important benefit involves equipment software and firmware updates. Making certain your device resides on your network peacefully and plays nicely the other applications your business relies on is part of our services. Technicians equipped with manufacturer’s software revisions will update as needed to keep your equipment contemporary and problem-free. This is integral to your business running smoothly and without interruption; from producing quotations and marketing materials to invoicing their results.

And, while it’s easy to say “it’s so cheap, when it breaks I’ll just buy a new one”, the actual purchase cost of that “inexpensive” machine factored into its typical lifespan is no less than many monthly lease payments for a unit of equal speeds and feeds. One built to work harder and longer for you than the cheaper one does.

And since most printer device maintenance agreements these days include labor, parts, and toner, the reality is that the per-page cost to your business is actually lower than it is for those purchasing their own ink and toner, service parts, and having no insurance against repair costs. This is especially true for those producing prints with more than just a few percent of the entire blank sheet containing any imaged areas…which is nearly everyone.

Matt Gordon began his career in the office equipment industry in 1977, and has been a regional technical trainer, a branch manager and marketing representative focusing on providing better business processes at a lower costs to industry, government, and education.