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Cyber Security Needs Security Too

In recent months, we have read headlines featuring the hack-attacks on big Fortune 500 companies like Facebook and Google. And many of us probably got a few laughs at the expensive of poor Burger King, who’s Twitter account was hacked and changed to make it seem that they were bought out by McDonalds. (On Monday, February 18th, their profile picture was changed to the famous “golden arches” and their information stated, ‘Just got sold to McDonalds because the whopper flopped.”)

In this digital age, protecting your assets has become a little more complicated than years past. Hearty passwords, anti-virus software and web restrictions make up much of the cyber security that protects our digital content; yet, while our laptops, iPhones, server rooms etc. may be protected from the inside, we should not forget to protect them from the OUTSIDE as well.

Cyber security requires just as much physical security as any other aspect of business, for once the coded walls of the matrix are cracked, an entire business’s private information can and will be compromised for years to follow. A single stolen laptop, virus-ridden USB drive or abc123 password breach can cause a snowball effect which awakens CEOs from a dead sleep. Previously, the idea of physical security was reserved for property management.

However, intellectual and digital property needs to be given the same level of protection, protection which solely cyber security software and protocols no longer suffice. If an organization wants to protect itself, it needs to integrate cyber security with a strong physical security presence, and have clear lines of communication between both systems; a physical breach should be examined for a possible compromise in digital information and vice versa. Together both forms of security synergize and create the safest environment for the physical property and digital information in each organization.

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