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Warm Pools are Fun.  We Make Cold Pools Warm.

“I love cold water!” – Nobody Ever

Let’s face it, it’s just more fun when everyone jumps in. Mom, dad, grandma, and guests all enjoy the pool when the water is warm. In fact, some of your most magical childhood memories probably involve swimming with your parents. The other biggest benefit of solar pool heating systems is maintaining the pool at a nice warm temperature, as if you were consistently running a heater.

In the Murrieta area, spring arrives early and warm days appear quickly. People with solar pool heating systems start swimming earlier. They’ve said goodbye to those weeks of hot weather with an ice-cold pool. One of the biggest benefits of solar pool heating systems is extending the swimming season. Not only can you swim earlier, but you can also swim later, even after summer has officially ended.

A thermostatically controlled solar pool heating system automatically heats your pool and spa to your desired temperature. Using your pool’s filter pump to circulate water through the solar heating collectors, a solar pool heating system has little to no operating cost.

While your pool filtration is operating, a solar sensor on the roof communicates with your control system, indicating when it’s time to heat your pool. A valve rotates and diverts water to the solar collectors. The sun’s energy is absorbed and transferred to your pool or spa – for free!

When your desired temperature is reached, the solar system automatically knows when to turn off, ensuring that your pool and spa do not overheat. Both your pool and spa will be heated and waiting for you!

A solar pool heating system typically has a payback period of 2-4 years. However, there is one main issue that makes comparing savings difficult. Most people don’t start heating their pool early in the season or continue to use gas to heat the pool far into the fall. To truly compare, you would need to heat your pool from early April to late October, always keeping the pool warm. As you might suspect, that would be quite costly!

Murrieta Solar Power is the #1 installer of solar pool heating systems in the valley. We can quickly quote you an installation price just by knowing the surface area of your pool. How much would it cost for you to be the family hero? Give us a call at 951-404-4207.